Zed Black’s Story Published In Point-Of-Purchase Magazine

October 1, 2019
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October 1, 2019

Point-of-Purchase, India’s only magazine on shopper marketing interviewed Mr. Anshul on how Zed Black became a brand that is well-known & amongst top three players in agarbatti segment. Talking about it Mr. Agrawal told how with the sheer dedication & family support Zed Black became every household name that started from a garage.

With Zed Black as MDPH’s flagship brand, group have now expanded itself in various products like soya chunks, edible oils, mosquito coils, heena & hair color, packaged tea & much more. With four manufacturing units & area of more than 60,400 sq m, Zed Black serves 3200 distributors, 7,50,000 retail outlets distributing its products through 36 depots established all over the country.

Zed Black made it’s first export in year 2012 to Mauritius & is now exporting to more than 29 countries & have 2 self-owned international offices in Kathmandu & Newyork. Also in 2017, M S Dhoni, Ace Cricketer was appointed as the brand ambassador.

Mr. Agrawal also told that USP of their product is ‘no compromise on quality’ of the product & raw materials used in it. To display these products instore they always rely on trends going on in the market. Zed Black runs all its operations from Indore which is an emerging market that gives innovative & value for money display options. Mr. Agrawal believes, brand positioning & recall is a strong solution to the price war & also as India is the country of young crowd, online review dictates the end users purchase decision.

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