Zed Black Parfum Shaped Zipper Pouch Bags The Prestigious IFCA Award

February 18, 2019
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February 18, 2019
Zed Black Parfum Shaped Zipper Pouch Bags The Prestigious IFCA Award

The IFCA (Indian Flexible Packaging & Folding Carton Manufacturers Association) gave award to “Pack Point (Jodhpur)” in the category “Flexible Packaging Innovation” for the “Zed Black Parfum Shaped Zipper Pouch”. According to them, it was one of the most innovative and pleasing to the eye designs to be seen in the incense industry.

The Indian Flexible packaging and Folding Carton Association (IFCA) is a national body, addressing to the needs of flexible packaging and folding carton Industry for the last five decades. Since 1965, they have been pursuing through their diverse activities to address to the needs of the industry and its members in particular. Promotional efforts of the Association are aimed at to provide opportunities to reflect the industry and create avenues to encourage R& D and related areas.

Zed Black The Prestigious IFCA Award

The IFCA awards for excellence in package design – functional and graphics is very well received as is evident by the increasing number of entries in each category every year. After receiving recognition for their perfume-type packaging, the Zed Black team is very much motivated and enticed to continue with such innovative designs in their packaging which would be a major attraction factor for their customers.

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