Zed Black Launches Cow Dung Based Natural Sambrani Cup

August 31, 2020
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August 31, 2020
Available in Gugal & Loban Variants

India is an ancient land of culture, tradition, values, spirituality, miracles, and magic. It is often said that India is the land of Gods due to the rich mythological history, scriptures and Vedas that hold secrets, cures and spells backed up by Science. These sacred texts hold knowledge of meaningful living and co-existing with other beings. With globalization, the world has shrunk to fit on our palms. The rapidly changing world has developed and adapted to the modern life cycle and Indians aren’t behind. However, the only difference is that many of us are still connected to our Vedic roots and look back at them while seeking answers to any problems. With the fast-paced world where a lot happens in just a few minutes, ailments like anxiety, stress, etc., are inevitable. Aromatherapy and purified atmos are a great help in soothing all such mental disruptions and helping in relaxation. Zed Black Incense Sticks are already indulged in providing the best of the aromatherapy to its customers in the form of a vast range of Dhoops and Incense Sticks and now brings you a Gauved Sambrani Cup.

Gauved Sambrani cup as the name suggests is the made out of Cow Dung. Cows have always been worshipped as a sacred mother-figure in India and her dung is known to have many benefits. The Gauved Sambrani Cup is enriched with all the health and spiritual benefits of cow-dung and herbs. Encompassing the natural cleansing properties of cow-dung, lighting the Gauved Sambrani Cup not only purifies the environment around you but also cleanses and creates a positive aura. Gauved Sambarani Cup is available in the fragrances of Guggal and Loban enhancing its relaxing components.

Gauved is an initiative by Zed black to support Cows and shelter them by using their waste to make products. This ensures that the cow-owner receives adequate funds to fulfil all the health needs of the cow. Most of the employees indulged in the process of making Gauved Sambrani Cup are unskilled and hence rely on the product to earn their livelihood. Hence every time you light a Gauved Sambrani Cup, you support a cow and a diligently working unskilled labour. MDPH group is one of the fastest-growing Agrabatti Company in India and largest manufacturer and exporter of incense stick under the brand name of Zed Black. It has a vast range of over 1200 products to offer.

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