Zed Black Conducts Major Raid Against Counterfeit.

November 27, 2018
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November 27, 2018
Zed Black Conducts Major Raid Against Counterfeit

Malpractices and underworks to its core!! As per the information MDPH conducted a raid in Kolkata and Howrah; they were shocked to unearth duplicated products worth of 5 million rupees. So was the unethical and ill practised they were that, apart from elements they were using the brand ambassador- M S Dhoni – audaciously.

Speaking about the raid, Mr Ankit Agarwal, Director MDPH shared, “We have been keeping track of our products being counterfeited in various parts of the country. We got concrete information about counterfeiting of Zed Black products in Ganguly Lane & Nischinda in Kolkata, we took help of the local police and conducted raid on Badal Perfumery & RD Enterprises.

Further, he added that we wanna ensure that only the genuine products manufactured and tested vigorously at MDPH production facilities shall be distributed to our king consumers; also preventing them to be fooled by the fallacious MDPH products. Also we urge out customers to check packs properly before buying so that they won’t be duped by the illegitimate products. Quality is the king and MDPH is one of the major player in Rs. 6000 crore organized and unorganized incense industry market which continuously thrives to give best of quality products.

He further added, “In India, counterfeiting steals around 30% share of Indian Agarbatti sector. We are promoting Make in India, but counterfeit products undermine the potential of “Make In India” program which is aimed at making our country a global manufacturing hub. Industry has to take proactive steps to reduce counterfeiting and to ensure only the original products are reaching the consumers.”

The company have previously conducted raids / civil actions in Siliguri, Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is these counterfeit goods which are harmful to the environment, hamper Government Revenues & give the original products and companies a bad name. These raids will ensure that people use only original Zed Black and MDPH products like Zed Black 3-in-1, Manthan, Duva, Panchdeep , Arij etc.

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