Zed Black Adds A Splash Of Color And Fragrance In This Holi

March 3, 2018
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March 3, 2018

Mysore Deep Perfumery House (MDPH), India’s foremost and trusted incense sticks manufacturer launched its latest range of incense sticks “India Ocean Series” under the flagship brand, Zed Black on the auspicious occasion of Holi. The launch was done at the recently concluded IHGF at Delhi – Asia’s largest biannual gifts & handicrafts fair, organized by Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH).
IHGF proves to be an ideal platform for Zed Black, which is amongst the popular agarbatti brands of the country.
The company since last 25years has committed to bringing new array of products with some unique attributes from their state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Madhya Pradesh.

MDPH’s newest offering “Indian Ocean Series” incense sticks are available in 2 distinct sizes of 11 inches & 19 inches and are available in 6 attractive colors and each series has 12 soothing fragrances. The “Indian Ocean Series” has wide range of colorful incense sticks with pleasant aromas and are longer in size than regular agarbatti’s. It is the very first time in India when handmade incense sticks of these sizes and in variety of colors has been launched. Indian Ocean is especially launched for US and India markets. This initiative of MDPH will definitely become a trendsetter i n incense sticks export market.

Over a period of time, India has always dominated the Rs. 6000-crore global incense sticks market. Zed Black aims to increase their share of Rs.400 cr Indian export market. Mr. Ankit Agarwal, Director MDPH shared, “Innovation has always been the mantra for MDPH and Zed Black.

Over the years we have come up with various new fragrances and concepts which have helped us capture a major chunk of Indian incense market With the inclusion of Indian Ocean Series, we are aiming to take around 18% of the incense market share.”This positivity reciprocates in our prayers and eventually strengthens Zed Black’s mission of #Prarthanahogisweekar.

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