Two Sources Of Peace And Relaxation: Incense Sticks And Incense Cones

March 6, 2018
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March 6, 2018

The fragrant smell of burning incense can cure you of stress and worries of life. Though there are many other alternate forms of incense available, two of the most popular forms are incense sticks and incense cones. These incredible sources of sweet aroma fill up your personal and professional space to give you relaxed mind and body. Many people consider an incense stick and incense cone as same but there are several differences between them. Though many incense manufacturing brands manufacture both, there are certain brands that either produce dhoop cones or incense sticks.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between an incense stick and incense cone.

1) Shape: The most visible difference is seen in the shape of both. While an incense stick is a long wooden stick wrapped with the ingredients, an incense cone is a cone-shaped solid structure formed of perfumed ingredients.

2) Time to Burn: An incense stick takes lesser time to burn as compared to an incense cone which has solid and wider structure.

3) Lasting Time: Many think that an incense stick and incense cone both last for almost the same time. However, if incense stick is positioned correctly and lit, it may last for few more minutes.

4) Fragrance: If you have got the incense stick or cone from one of the established incense stick manufacturers in India, you will never have to compromise on the quality or the fragrance.

Zed Black is one of the leading incense manufacturing brands that produces and offers superior quality incense cones and incense sticks online. They supply incense sticks and incense cones of various flavors. If you’re looking for a fresh flowery aroma that is close to nature, Zed Black offers Mogra, Lavender and Rose fragrances in dhoop cones. If you’re interested in purchasing incense sticks, flavors like Patchouli, Amber, Heaven, Heena, etc. are available.

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