The Inspiring Women At Zed Black

March 8, 2022
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March 8, 2022

March 8 marks International Women's Day, the day to celebrate, recognise and honour the contribution of women in creating a progressive society and acquiring gender equality and empowerment. While its origins date back more than a century, its emphasis on women's opportunities and esteem remain as relevant as ever.

Today, women are growing and excelling in every field. Whether in education, politics or sport, women are making a significant impact. There are many examples of women becoming strong and effective leaders, guiding nations and what not. Although gender inequality, rights violations, and everything else still exists, what has changed is the way women are standing up for their rights and equality, bravely!

MDPH has consistently put women's empowerment and upliftment at the forefront of its mission. We believe in making women independent and strong. As Mr. Amartya Sen once stated, "Empowering women is key to building a future we want", and by putting our beliefs into practice, we are creating the future we want. MDPH takes pride in sharing that 80% of our workforce is female. Even the inspiration behind MDPH came from a woman- Mrs. Mohini Agrawal. And with the perfumery expertise and knowledge of Mrs. Amita Agrawal, this legacy continues.

"Never let obstacles get in the way of your success. Stand tall against all odds and never give up", says Mrs. Mohini Agrawal, mother of the founder of MDPH, Mr. Prakash Agrawal. A wife, a mother, a grandmother and most importantly a successful entrepreneur, Mohini Ji is an inspiration for all the women out there. Being from a time when women were expected to stay in the kitchen and live in their homes, despite all these odds, she has created a life to look up to.

Amita Agarwal

Mrs. Amita Agrawal, MDPH’s founder, who looks after the perfumery department of Zed Black believes that "A woman can take care of the home, children, and business at the same time." She has indeed proved everyone wrong who believes that women should not/ cannot work after marriage.

The women at MDPH are an excellent example of success against the orthodox and stereotypical view points of society that hinder their ability to work and be independent. There are thousands of such inspiring stories and women around us who are paving their way to success. As we celebrate women's day, let's take time to appreciate and support their journeys and efforts. For women, let's create a world that is kinder, happier, and more supportive. Happy Women's Day! 

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