Suresh Oberoi The ‘Brand Ambassador’ Of Manthan

July 12, 2019
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July 12, 2019

Mr. Suresh Oberoi is an astonishing celebrity who engraves his name in film industry. He is considered as a multi-talented personality as he is a wonderful film actor, model, voice artist, television actor and an amazing host. In an interview with his wife Yashodhara he reveals the three mantras of his life i.e. Commitment, Understanding and Respect which he dedicatedly follows as shown in his today’s life style. Manthan is a leading Dhoop brand in India that is famous for its divine fragrance and unique scents. Manthan is purely based on spirituality, divinity and worshiping equally with culture and traditions. Manthan always talks about mind, thoughts and ethics. Very few people know that Mr. Suresh Oberoi follows spirituality very strongly in his life. His spirituality made Manthan believed that he will be a perfect choice to take the brand to next level.

Mr. Suresh Oberoi recently performed a shoot for Manthan Dhoop and Sambrani cups. He shares his florescent words after the shooting; he says the best thing about Manthan is that the products are related to spirituality and divinity. He also said that during reverence and adoration the divine fragrance of Manthan creates the optimistic environment in the home, office or the place where anyone performs prayer. With this he conveys that during shoot he enjoyed the light but an aromatic odor of Manthan Dhoop and also relishes his wonderful experience with team Manthan.

Manthan TVC on Mr. Suresh Oberoi’s FB account

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