Smt. Mohini Agrawal Honoured by Jwala for Women Empowerment

December 31, 2021
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December 31, 2021

Jwala NGO honoured Smt. Mohini Ji Agrawal at its 10th Annual Event Ceremony- Narayani 2021 on December 18, 2021,at The Daly College, Indore.

Established in December 2012,Jwala is an NGO that works for women.

Mohini ji’s journey and life achievements have earned her this honour. Despite the difficult circumstances, she has been a successful entrepreneur. She the start of MDPH in 1992 as a cottage Agarbatti packing company, she did the supervision of labour for 19 years. Her handwork, ability to connect with female labours, emotional intelligence is there a son behind MDPH’s large labour force of over 3500 people out of which 80%are females.

Mohini ji was born in 1945, got married at the age of 12 and became a mother at the age of 16. Her husband had a ration shop, but in the course of time it got closed. Being financially powerless made it necessary for her to work hard even for 2 meals a day. In every situation, she became her husband's supporter, walking step by step and motivating him for success.

In 1969, she established a candle making factory with her husband. In 1992, she encouraged her elder son to start Agarbatti manufacturing business and she herself started looking after labours and production. . Following her footsteps, her daughter-in-law also joined the business in 2004 and is today heading the Perfumery Department of the company. Till 2011, at an age of 66, she worked full time doing supervision at the factory

The company currently has 3700 workers, of which more than 80% are women. The female workers at Zed Black factory consider her their idol. The credit for the positive and healthy environment at MDPH also goes to Mohini Ji's care and values.

Brave would describe her the best because she not only faced financial issues in her life but health problems too. Even diseases like Vitiligo, Asthma, Arterial Atherosclerosis, did not stop her from working. Despite not being physically strong, she still visits the factory, supervises the workers and motivates them to do better.


At an age of 50, she learned to drive a car and took the whole family for a drive in her Tata Sumo. This motivated other women around her age in her society to learn driving. She has fulfilled all her responsibilities as a wife, mother, grandmother and her love has still kept the family together.


Mohini Ji has worked hard to be where she is today! In spite of being from an era when it was believed that women should be limited to the kitchen and were supposed to live within the four walls of their homes, she made everything possible with her perseverance and fearlessness. Her life, courage, and positivity serve as an inspiration for all of us, especially all women, to keep on believing in themselves and working hard no matter what obstacles life throws. She is truly a symbol of women empowerment, women upliftment and women leadership.


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