Role Of Women In MDPH

March 7, 2019
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March 7, 2019
Our Women Force in Action

Women have come a long way in defying the odds and challenging issues of gender inequality that existed in the workplace and business market. They, now, have an essential role to play in the business industry, and more of them should join to make it better than it is, which is very well understood by MDPH.

MDPH is a household name in the field of manufacturing and selling incense sticks, dhoopbattis etc. these days. This has happened not because of one person, but because of the hard work of the whole team. It doesn’t come as a surprise that approximately 80% (around 1350 out of 1600) of the total workers in the organization are ladies who are the foundation pillars of MDPH.

Mrs. Mohini Devi Agrawal with the employees.

Not only the work force, but the management of the organization is also majorly handled by the women of the family. The organization started in the year 1992, at which time the packaging, salary disbursement and distribution of material were headed by Mrs. Mohini Devi Agrawal.

She handled this responsibility for more than two decades. We are in a competitive market the demands are changing at the speed of light. As brand loyalty is becoming a word of the past, one of the major roles is to create breakthrough products at regular intervals, so that we have a strong customer base.

The product development is handled by Mrs. Amita Agrawal who is constantly in discussion with clients and researching as which fragrances are liked by clients/end-users. She joined the business in 2003, since when she has successfully developed new products. We have recently launched a Pineapple variant (which has received an outstanding response from the market), which was developed by Mrs. Amita only.

Mrs. Amita Agrawal in process of developing new products.

Apart from these, the packaging department is headed by Babli Ma’am who is working with us for more than a decade now. She takes cares of packaging and testing products. The sales team is headed by Ms. Jyoti Iyer who is driving the sales team for 4 years now.
MDPH strongly believes that all firms must thus seek to employ more and more women to create a diversified work environment with a mix of growth ideas.

Some of the reasons are hereby listed:

Women possess professionalism and leadership qualities
Women have the professionalism and leadership qualities that build up impressive results in a company. Their presence at the workplace often complements the company’s values and enforces company standards. Women also have the ability to be effective leaders who manage business goals proficiently and produce results.

Women bring in strong work ethics and motivate the team
Women carry out company standards and goals and make sure colleagues follow the same values. They find innovative ways of implementing values and inspiring through them. Women also have the personality of nurturing others which can help team members to become a part of the company’s vision and stimulate them to improve their production level.

Women determine team growth and business advancement
A woman can easily identify the strength in others and areas where others may need help due to their nurturing character. This is helpful for the team in order to create a structure and balance to sustain all areas of the business. Women can build on this to be a support structure that encourages the team to deliver to the best of their ability.

Women have good organization skills
Women are known to be good at managing multiple responsibilities simultaneously. They can confidently take on leadership roles and manage them effectively resulting in growth. They possess the skills to manage their own productivity as well as oversee others and help them become better.

Women possess attention to detail
Women are known to be thorough and have great attention to detail which is a crucial quality for an organization. A woman can analyze the business’s plans and be able to bring up risk factors involved in certain business moves. They also boast of the capability to handle a crisis when it arises and deal with it effectively. Similarly, women can identify opportunities available, for growth, expansion and for the best business investment.

They can advance company growth
Women are passionate about the projects they are involved in especially when their input is valued by the company. We carry a positive spirit with the right attitude and passion for any new challenge. We are enthusiastic about seeing our projects grow and becoming fruitful. For company growth, the business needs to recognize how to recruit female executives to fulfill company objectives.
MDPH not only employs but also takes good care of their female employees.

We provide healthy/nutritious and subsidized food to our employees.

We have been organizing health check-up camps which concentrate on women-specific diseases. Facilities like Provident fund and Employees’ State Insurance corporations (ESIC) are given to all workers. There is an advance salary facility given to all the workers specifically to women workers.

Subsidized notebooks are also provided to the workers’ children. When a female worker gets married she gets additional monetary help from the organization. Also, we do CSR activity in rural areas by the name of WISH where we empower females while taking care of their personal hygiene. We educate women to use sanitary napkins, make them understands the importance of staying healthy and try to make them self-employed. We firmly believe in ‘Healthy women crafting Positive India’.
It’s not just one day for women, we believe that womanhood should be celebrated every day.

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