Pray At Home Challenge By Zed Black

May 12, 2020
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May 12, 2020

In these times of pandemic due to Covid-19, has overpowered our minds with distress and anxiety. Everyone is suggesting to stay calm and not to step out of home and much more. The one point to think upon is to follow the lifestyle which we are not used to for such a longer duration needs mental strength.

This mental strength comes from within when you pray or meditate. To boost morale of their employees Zed Black conducted #PrayAtHome Challenge. Employees were asked to post a picture of them praying at home and even tag their friends. The purpose was to motivate not only their employees but to shout out loud and tell the world that this is the time we stay at home and  pray.

This challenge sufficed two purposes by making surroundings positive and healthy at every employee’s home where prayer was performed and suggesting them to Pray At Home and not to go out and gather even during the bigger festivals as this may spread the disease. The thought was well appreciated and finally three winners were also announced with maximum like, share and comment.

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