Mrs. Amita Agrawal, Director, MDPH Featured In YourStory

November 16, 2022
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November 16, 2022

MDPH Director & Head of Perfumery Department Mrs. Amita Agrawal was recently featured in YourStory’s female-oriented segment HerStory. HerStory is a YourStory initiative that shines a spotlight on trailblazing women entrepreneurs, leaders, and changemakers and their extraordinary stories to inspire millions.

The interview with Mrs. Amita covered a range of topics, such as how her journey began with MDPH, the workplace environment, and how MDPH empowers its 80% women workforce. In conversation with HerStory, she also shared how apart from their presence at the factory, MDPH’s accounts and finance department and its legal department are also run by women.

It is well known that women have always been at the core of MDPH. The mere idea of starting the business was also suggested by Mrs. Mohini Agrawal, the mother of MDPH founder Mr. Prakash Agrawal. Following the footsteps of her mother-in-law, Mrs. Amita joined the family business 22 years ago and since then has been leading the perfumery division and established a strong 80% female workforce, which today has become the backbone of Mysore Deep Perfumery House. Not to mention, the credit for the glory of MDPH's incomparable and exquisite fragrances goes to Mrs. Amita only. MDPH has stood out from the rest because of her zeal to experiment and develop fragrances that are unique. With her expertise in perfumery, she has infused MDPH with the fragrance of success and continues to do so.

Today, with A-list celebrities like MS Dhoni and Hrithik Roshan endorsing its brands, five manufacturing units covering an area of 10 lac square feet, a wide product range, 3500 workers, 80% of whom are women and exports to 41 countries, MDPH is moving forward toward success.

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