Mrs. Amita Agrawal, Director, MDPH, Featured In City Bhaskar And Beyond Stree

November 23, 2022
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November 23, 2022

A woman can do anything! From running businesses to homes to raising children, a woman can do everything at the same time and with sheer dedication. With her strength, courage and intelligence, she not only contributes to the success of others but with dedication, creates her own path too. And one such example of that is MDPH's Director and Head of Perfumery Division, Mrs. Amita Agrawal, who with her skills and passion, helped her husband in strengthening the business and gradually took full charge of the Perfumery Division, taking Mysore Deep Perfumery House towards success with her expertise in developing exceptional fragrances. And this is what keeps MDPH ahead of its competitors.

Ring Road Social

Celebrating her achievements on Women Entrepreneurship Day, City Bhaskar in its special article featured Mrs. Amita’s success story and how she started her journey of entrepreneurship. She was also invited as a special speaker at the Beyond Stree Community Mixer, where she shared her experiences as a successful entrepreneur and how she is leading an 80% women workforce at MDPH.

Mrs. Amita has managed the business well, taken care of the family and children, and worked hard to make MDPH what it is today. Women have always been key supporters of the success of MDPH. From Mrs. Amita to her mother-in-law Mrs. Mohini to the 80% women workforce, MDPH credits its success to the diligent work of women who have worked and are working to take MDPH to new heights. And MDPH continues to create a thriving and positive environment for all the women out there.

              Mysore Deep Perfumery House salutes all women, their passion and their multi-tasking!

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