November 18, 2021
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November 18, 2021


Fourth Dimension Media Solutions, a Chennai based media outsourcing company, invited MDPH Director & Partner Mr.Anshul Agrawal as a keynote speaker for their webinar ‘Power of Regional Festivals’. The webinar discussed how regional festivals affect consumer buying and the revenue of businesses. 

“As a brand, we have to think of India as different regions and states," said Mr. Agrawal while sharing his views on the topic. From going for different regional brand ambassadors to shooting local languages, opting for a national face MS Dhoni as a brand ambassador has worked well for the brand even at the regional level and has brought oneness to its campaigns.

The importance and value of every festival vary from region to region and state to state. Keeping that in mind, the brand plans its communication accordingly through a proper mix of ATL &BTL. This has helped the brand develop a strong relationship with the people, and the feedback has been extremely positive.

Culture, traditions, regions have always been an essential part of India. MDPH has always been able to build strong relationships with the people by understanding, valuing and promoting the cultures and traditions of different regions. With popular brand ambassadors and a wide array of product categories, MDPH has become a part of millions of households, prayers and happiness. And continues to do so with persistence, dedication and hard work.   

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