Mr. Ankit Agrawal, MDPH Director & Partner Featured In The Hindu Business Line

May 23, 2022
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May 23, 2022

Mr. Ankit Agrawal, Director & Partner, MDPH got featured in The Hindu Business Line, an Indian business newspaper of The Hindu Group, which covers top-tier industry verticals, such as Agriculture, Aviation, Automotive, and Information Technology in its weekly special. 

In conversation with The Hindu Business Line, Mr. Agrawal talks about MDPH, its manufacturing units, growth, raw materials supply and more. "It will take 4-5 years for bamboo plants to grow and achieve self-sufficiency", says Mr. Agrawal while speaking about the demand for Bamboo, an important raw material required in the production of incense sticks. He also shared his insights about the demand for Bamboo in the Agarbatti industry, its shortage, import, the Centre's policy & The National Bamboo Mission, in support of which, MDPH has begun buying Bamboo locally to promote its cultivation in India.

Ankit Agrawal

MDPH Group has always supported industry-related causes and is known for its quality and exceptional products. From producing eco-friendly products to continuously striving for innovation, the Group has always brought something new to the table. With its leading and popular brands, Zed Black, endorsed by MS Dhoni and Manthan, endorsed by Hrithik Roshan, MDPH has become a household name and caters to the different needs of Indian households.

MDPH owns the world's largest raw agarbatti factory and employs more than 3500 workers, 80% of whom are women, in five units spread over an area of 9,40,000 square feet. MDPH exports to over 40 countries and with its perfumery expertise and extensive portfolio of brands and products in categories like confectionery, scented candles, edible oil, and more, MDPH has reached and continues to reach a great number of households and is on the road to success.

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