Meditation For a Healthier You by Mr. Anshul Agrawal

August 24, 2021
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August 24, 2021

Mr. Anshul Agrawal, Director and Partner, MDPH, in his recent authored article ‘Meditation For A Healthier You’ shares the perks and importance of meditating. Being a meditation practitioner, Mr. Agrawal believes that “Meditation is the subtle skill of doing anything but letting go of all struggles in order to relax and reconnect with your actual nature, which is love, joy, and peace”.

In the article, he also suggests some tips for beginners to get the most of their meditation experience; from learning the basics to sticking with it! Also being the one who understands fragrances well, Mr. Agrawal recommends to opt for a healing fragrance to create a positive space for meditating. Camphor has therapeutic properties which help in better concentration.

Anshul Agrawal

Zed Black has introduced Aarogyam Camphor Incense Sticks which possess the amazing properties of Camphor which elevate the mood and relieve stress.

Amongst the hustle-bustle of life, we all have lost our true peace, our true-self. As a result of which, we tend to get more stressed, ultimately leading to missing the happy things of life. More than just a mind practice, Meditation is in fact a way of living, living a healthy, disciplined and peaceful life. Mr. Agrawal’s article is a guide for everyone out there who is learning or thinking to learn the art of meditating in order to find the inner peace.

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