MDPH Success Story Featured By TEZ!

November 3, 2018
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November 3, 2018

Success story of Indore based entrepreneurs travelled to The Capital and so as to open the threads of the story Delhi based News channel Tez travelled all the way to Indore to cover the Story of MDPH, the brand that was established in a garage and travelled and positioned across globe.

So a young dreamer entrepreneur from Indore who used to work in a cloth shop dreamt a dream to turn big; He wants to write his success story. So with blessings of his mother, ‘Mr Prakash Agrawal’ tried his hands in various businesses like the manufacturing and selling of detergents, soaps etc, but all in vain. Than at last he went all in, in incense industry. With his hard work and dedication he at last made his brand felt across India and internationally.

As per Ms. Amita Agrawal, wife of Mr. Prakash agrawal, the company have been doing really good only due to the sheer trust and hard work of our workers, associates and staff members. And for this they are really thankful for them for sticking in ups and downs. The trust thus endowed by them made us grow from our garage to a team of more than 1500 people.

More thorough discussions with Ankit & Anshul, next hierarchy of Mr Prakash Agrawal, enlightened more about the business growth story. They discussed about the earth and skies of the company, wherein all the failures and emoluments encountered were debriefed. As per them Mr. Prakash Agrawal was very much adamant for his ethics and pretty much conscious about providing the best of quality product. He researched, studied and done surveys on test market and hence came up with the final product. He is an innovator in both products and marketing. He was so dedicated that at the early times of business he visited numerous retailers and showcased and sampled his product by burning incense at their counters.

As strong is he the man of his principles that he never used the names of GODs or religion on any of his products and still it’s a policy in company to never do so. Also by naming the product differently in English, i.e. Zed Black, he made a marketing move by attracting the customers to use it once and then the aroma of Zed Black did the rest. So he taught the market that non devotional names and without using ‘HIS’ name and images the devotional products can sell handsomely in traditional markets.

Further to add the enchanted tale Mr Ankit Agrawal narrated about the Role his mother had played in making the companies foundation even deeper. Her role and support in his, his brother’s, his father’s and in the company was irreplaceable and irrevocable. She played the most important role in developing the rich fragrances of MDPH which the consumers are enigmatic about and still she do the aroma development of the Company’s products.

Ankit had mentioned that education plays a very important role in developing interpersonal as well as company’s growth. He meant it so much that while indulging in his company’s works he had done his professional degree so that he can devote more for the company. This is how he had developed himself from just drafting the letters of company to glide the company in exports.

Anshul also had mentioned about the importance of education as in spite of working early in family business he tried pretty hard to get into IIT. After completing his technical education he had joined a job and worked rigorously so that he can understand the ins and outs of FMCG markets. After gaining the broader perspective he joined his family business and dedicated a lot to make the process and operations of the organization a lot smoother.

They also talked about the brand ambassadors of the company where they had kept the prima focus on endorsing celebs as per the products rather than endorsements on major or minor celebs. Like MS Dhoni for their bread & butter product Zed Black 3in1, All India and Varsha Priyadarshani for Arij which is very famous product in Odisha.

Last but not the least he briefly told about the Company’s future goal of becoming market leader in incense industry and to achieve 50% market share of organised market within seven years. Also they have launched some food products which they want to mentor within 10 years.

Summing up the whole conversation it was a great example of taking home based business to great heights with utmost dedication and hard work along with innovative footsteps to drive the market along…

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