MDPH Launches Orva Care Hand Sanitizer

May 13, 2020
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May 13, 2020

Child’s safety is always a mother’s priority! Group MDPH is taking a step towards fulfilling every mother’s priority by presenting Orva Care hand sanitizer. The sole aim of the brand is to protect and safeguard and drive this nation towards being healthy and hygienic.

Orva Care comes under the umbrella of Group MDPH. MDPH have extended it’s arms into incense products, edible oils, mehandi, confectionery, essential oil, tea and much more.

Established since more than 27yrs group is present in more than 29 countries & almost in every locality of India. Group have established a special bond with its audience through its well known incense brand Zed Black, which is endorsed by ace cricketer M S Dhoni.

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