Mdph Launches Its CSR Activity – “Wish”

September 18, 2018
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September 18, 2018

Mysore Deep Perfumery House (MDPH) is the third largest manufacturing company of Incense products in India. The company has initially started its CSR activity which aims to maintain the women hygiene. MDPH recently performed its CSR activity in one of the villages near Dhar road named Sinhansa.

Wish Activity in Progress

WISH is an initiative by MDPH for empowering females for their interpersonal skills & hygiene. MDPH believes in women power and such is the strong belief that 80% of group’s working laborers are female. This drive is particularly for the females. They have given a lot to our industry and now it is the time to repay. So we are concentrating on female hygiene needs through this drive.

The drive is not only limited to rural and remote area but also to some of the backward areas in cities also. The mission of WISH is to upgrade women in those aspects that she is unaware of. Hygiene of a woman is important as she is the only one the universe revolves around. If a woman grows hygienically, a family grows with her. MDPH’s WISH is now an extended program that is running with more involvement of women in it like bangle making; stitching and the making of paper bags etc. so that she feels independent and confident.

MDPH will be going to organize one more CSR activity under WISH, which will take place in two different categories. Firstly, this awareness program will be for the adolescent girls and women who are facing the menstrual phase of their lives. They will be guided for the dos and don’ts during this time of the month by giving some preventive idea to be bacteria free. For this free sanitary pads will distributed in each targeted rural area and also acknowledge them about the importance of it. Secondly, MDPH will provide them some advice and guidance that will be an employment oriented session. Ms. Deepali Das MDPH says “women play a vital role in our company. MDPH always gives importance to women empowerment; WISH is our small effort to encourage women by how to maintain hygiene, how to be aware and for making them independent which is not limited for rural areas but also for the women of backward areas in the cities as well”

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