MDPH Converts Its Manufacturing Unit Into A Solar-Powered Unit To Boost Renewable Energy

January 12, 2023
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January 12, 2023

Environmental responsibilities have always been paramount throughout the history of Mysore Deep Perfumery House. Continuing this tradition, MDPH has converted one of its manufacturing units into a solar-powered unit. Solar power is widely acknowledged for reducing energy consumption and emissions that are detrimental to the environment and thus promoting the usage of renewable energy and a sustainable future. On these lines, this action has been taken with the core intent to approach sustainable development in such a way that decreases reliance on non-renewable resources while at the same time contributing to the government's sustainability plan. And as a result, the unit is estimated to lead to average savings of 650 MW of energy and 650000 Pounds of carbon per year.

Additionally, this isn't Zed Black's first initiative to preserve the environment. Earlier, MDPH had taken a step towards combating floral wastage produced in holy places during rituals. In association with HelpUsGreen, MDPH through flower-cycling technology upcycles those flowers into floral incense sticks under the name Zed Black Nature Flower. These actions clearly portray Zed Black's stance on environmental issues.

Whether it's for social or environmental causes, Mysore Deep Perfumery House has always been on the frontline and consistently put ecological balance at the forefront of its responsibilities. It is bringing change to society with its women-centric work culture that has resulted in rural women now having their own bank accounts. Its 5 manufacturing units generate employment opportunities that provide livelihoods for people residing in rural areas. With its values, principles and wide range of products, MDPH has created a place in the hearts & homes of people not just in India but internationally. And today it has earned a global reputation and fame!

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