Making Of Zedblack’s TVC, Featuring Ms Dhoni.

November 3, 2017
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November 3, 2017

It starts with the vision to motivate youth and provide our generation power of prayers, now to behead the objective we need to have youth icon who believes in the immense power of prayer. For that Ankit and Anshul Agrawal sat with their creative team to asset the campaign and switch the idea of purity and power of prayer which requires the personality who can be the best in frame of ability to perceive the goal. Many faces and famous personalities were in light to adapt from bollywood to sports and after a deep discussion at last the team suggested MS Dhoni, famous for his calmness and cool personality.

As he is one of them who has achieved great success in life with his hard work and has extensive believe in devotion. Zed black choose him to add the value of prayer in the lives of youth to enhance their confidence as he believes that it gives him inner strength and confidence.

So with the motive to spread devotion the Creative Director, Mr. Ram Krishna generate the idea of new campaign of Zed Black as “prathna hogi sweekar” and designed it to show people first time the spiritual side of Dhoni and how it has been a part of Dhoni’s cricketing journey. It tells about how emotions of a billion people traverse through prayer and give an unimaginable power to Dhoni which helps him to achieve the unbelievable feat. Finally the idea had approved and the execution started with Mr. Anand Oberoi’s team with full of dedication and excitement. Likewise Celebrity photographer Dabbu Ratnani shot for the campaign with MS Dhoni and shared that it was a great experience with him as he is very calm and supporting.4

Celebrity stylist Sapna Bhagwani handled the costume and styling procession for the shoot. She shared her views and said the campaign has really good motive and genuine perspectives. Today’s youths are more advanced, determined and capable and prayer has that truthful power to believing in our capabilities. With great teamwork and cooperation the task has successfully finished under guidance. The advertisement was broadcast through electronic, digital and print media and captured an enormous attention from various fields.

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