Launching Historic Fragrances – Golden Myst

August 9, 2018
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August 9, 2018

Zed Black launches 4 new fragrances under ‘Golden Myst’, named Lotus Feet, Pristine Ayurveda, The Sacred Circle & Divine Yoga. These four fragrances are the proper blend of extracted traditions with mix of calmness & serenity. These inimitable fragrances touch your heart in a way that will fill you with positivity & cheerfulness.

LOTUS FEET fragrance blesses us with complete feel of devotion & divinity. Pristine Ayurveda fragrance is pure bliss extracted from Indian traditions. THE SACRED CIRCLE defines life of circle that dominates you with joy & energetic aroma. DIVINE YOGA fragrance takes you to the world of harmony & peace with it’s exotic aroma.

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