How To Use Sambrani Cup

July 11, 2019
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July 11, 2019

Performing prayers is everyday ritual in every household of India. On special occasions prayers in bigger forms are performed called Hawan. After Hawan people feel delighted, soulful & cheerful.

Manthan Premium Sambrani Cups are especially designed for ‘homas’ and ‘Hawanas’. It has organic, natural and ozone friendly ingredients with soulful fragrance that allows the devotees to perform Hawanas or any kind of adoration with no barrier and peaceful mind. The fragrance of Sambrani Cup is purely light and pleasant that enhances the power of chanting and worshiping.

How to use Manthan Sambrani Cup

  1. Open the Manthan Sambrani cup box
  2. Take out the stand & place it where you want to lit Sambrani cup. Note it should not be in reach of children & inflammable items.
  3. Take Sambrani cup & grab it from bottom.
  4. Now with the help of lamps, matches or any other such instrument burn the outer surface very well.
  5. Place it over the stand.
  6. In short interval of time, soothing fragrance will surround you.

Brand Manthan is endorsed by Mr. Suresh Oberoi, Bollywood Actor. His belief in spirituality goes very well with the brand. He will be portraying ‘Manthan Zaroori Hai’ campaign as the lead face.

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