Here Are Certain Tips To Use Incense Sticks

April 19, 2018
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April 19, 2018

There are many who do not want to compromise on the quality of incense sticks or agarbatti that they purchase. Thus, they just look for the best agarbatti in India. This is so because an incense stick is used on many occasions, for instance, during yoga, meditation, spa, etc. Hence with a cheap quality incense stick, people do not want to spoil their experience.
Other than yoga, spa, and meditation, incense sticks are used during worship. And no one wants an inferior quality incense stick from an unreliable agarbatti manufacturer that spoils the prayer time.
All in all, if you too are looking forward to getting your hands on a quality incense stick and to experience a soothing aura around you, make sure to keep these certain tips in mind while making the purchase.

  • Always buy a branded product. Locally packed or loose agarbatties might be cheap, but you are not sure what material they are made of. Always insist on using branded agarbatties.
  • Go with an incense stick that produces low smoke. This is so because incense sticks are meant to infuse scent into the aura and not smoke. And you want to rejoice the pleasant aura and not battle with the smoke in your place.
  • Even when the incense stick emits less smoke, always make sure that you open your window before lighting it. However, there is no need to open it full. Even a little bit is enough to let the smoke pass.
  • Do keep in mind the number of incense sticks that you are lighting. If your worship place, residence, or office room is small in size, two incense sticks are more than enough. Do not light the whole packet and stuff your room with smoke.
  • You looked for the best agarbatti everywhere and now you surely don’t want that it gets over fast. Thus, place it either vertically upward or horizontally straight. Don’t hang it vertically downward as this position makes the incense sticks burn faster and emit more smoke.
  • Keep lighted incense sticks out of reach of small children.

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