FAFAI Invites Mr. Anshul Agrawal To Speak In Its Seminar

October 1, 2019
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October 1, 2019
Mr. Anshul Agrawal at FAFAI Workshop

The Fragrance & Flavours Association of India organizes seminars on a regular basis to discuss & update everyone about the industry trends. This time it was held on 21st September, 2019 at Hotel Marriott, Indore. In this seminar Mr. Anshul Agrawal, Director, Mysore Deep Perfumery House, was invited to speak on ‘Agarbatti Today & Tomorrow’.

He enlightened the audience with trends of the industry, said innovation of product, fragrance & packaging can only leave a mark in customer’s mind. Also shared that new generation likes exotic fragrances & even Incense sticks will play a vital role in relieving stress, proper sleep & in giving peace to the mind in coming years. Today Incense sticks is not only a religious product but have become a lifestyle product by being used in spa, hotel & at many other luxurious places.

Talking about the technology he says there is a large scope of automation of manufacturing process in the industry. After the restriction on import of agarbatti raw material, backward integration has now become extremely critical.
Mr. Agrawal concluded saying how in coming times buying decision will be based on quality factor & thus a customer will prefer buying only a brand.

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