‘COVID-19 Is An Opportunity’ Says Mr. Anshul Agrawal, Director, Zed Black

August 6, 2020
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August 6, 2020

Campden Family Connect is the pre-eminent membership network for India’s ultra-high net worth community, family business owners and their family offices. Campden Family Connect delivers both local and global networking  pportunities and access to international best practices in family business, family office and generational education.

Director of Zed Black, Mr. Anshul Agrawal’s views were published on Campden family’s LinkedIn profile. He said “Any business with right values, efficient systems, good control on cash flow, agility in adapting to changing environment, lean fixed costs and loyal customers will find Covid-19 as an opportunity rather than a speed-breaker. We found an opportunity in the times of pandemic and launched 2 new products; Orva Care handwash and sanitizer.

Orva Care Gel Based Hand Sanitizer

We were able to sell 5,00,000 bottles within the first month of the launch. The key to handle an unpredictable situation like a pandemic is empathy. Business owners need to have a big heart in showing empathy towards labourers, employees and all the stakeholders and hence in these tough times, we reassured all our employees the job security and ensured that was implemented.”

”MDPH group is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of incense stick under the brand name of Zed Black. The brand is endorsed by Ace Indian cricketer MS Dhoni. The group has 36 regional offices across Indian and one International office in New York with its Headquarters in Indore. The fastest-growing Agrabatti company in India has a range of over 1200 products to offer you.

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