‘Aromatic Festival’ Is The New Style Of Celebration!

November 3, 2018
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November 3, 2018
ZB 3in1 Gift Box
ZB 3in1 Gift Box

Unique celebrations should have unique gifting ideas too. This festival season Zed Black launches unique gift for your loved ones. The bunch consists of following products with their own persona.

3in1 Gift Box
Festivals are for celebrations; celebrations which inhales energy, joy, chatters and everlasting lively environment in family. So boost it up Zed Black had launched 3 in 1 gift box with three enchanting aromas, keeping in mind the festive mood. So what’s you waiting for, present the epitome of vivid fragrances of 3 in 1 to your family members to enhance the positivity.

Golden Myst
Another product in the bouquet which exhales pure bliss through its scent is Golden Myst. Its categorized with four different aromatic perks namely Lotus Feet, Pristine Ayurveda, The Sacred Circle and Divine Yoga.

Different fumigates created for specific and specialized purposes. ‘Lotus Feet’ endows us with integrated feel of reverence & divinity. ‘Pristine Ayurveda’ is the quiddity of ancient Indian Traditions. ‘Sacred Circle’ appraises the circle de la vie filled with jubilance & energetic aroma. DIVINE ‘YOGA’ fragrance glides you to the world of conjunction & peace with its exotic aroma.

Parfum 19” sticks
Worship and prayers burns the inner darkness within us; thus they are the most resuscitative parts of festivals. Festive adoration is interminable as done with a purpose with kalash, diya, dhoop , incense and chanting. Keeping this in mind Zed Black presents 19” long Parfum Incense Sticks which fumes for 2 hours so that you can feel the aromatic miasma throughout your prayers.

Parfum dhoop sticks
Fill up your surroundings with the impressibility of calmness and equipoise from the four different fragrances options of Parfum Dhoop Sticks. It stows you with the aura of positivity and balanced thinking. So try them out and make the hustle bustle of festive dullness into pleasurable experience.

Vedic Gold Dhoop
Ancient Veds and Upanishads taught us many things. Getting out of mistiness and opaque mind through aromas and scents is one of them. So let us motivate our families and near ones to fumigate Vedic Gold Dhoop which is extracted straight from the herbs.

So fill your loved one with positivity, balanced thinking, harmony & energetic approach this festive season.

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