A Guide To Visiting Temples After Lockdown

June 11, 2020
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June 11, 2020
June 11 , 2020

After the 75 days of lockdown. India is ready to open the doors of all religious institutes and welcome us all with open arms. However, we mustn’t forget that the ‘Lockdown’ is ending, not the pandemic. We still need to take precautions and stay cautious of our surroundings while we confine our wishes, prayers, fears and insecurities into the God and feel immensely peaceful. Government has already laid certain guidelines that we have to follow, but there are some other precautions that one can take on their end to keep safe.

1. Always be prepared

Always wear a mask and a pair of gloves while heading out, as you never know the person you’re meeting or a thing you’ve touched is contaminated or not.

2. Carry around your Hygiene Kit

Prepare little ‘hygiene kit’ that consists of extra pairs of gloves, masks, sanitizer, tissues, a small bottle of disinfectant and a paper-soap. Make sure to disinfect a surface you’re planning on to touch

3. Keep your footwear in your vehicle

While visiting a place of worship; remember to keep your footwear in your vehicle. This will eliminate even a thin chance of someone touching it, therefore, no chances of contamination

4. Refrain from touching the temple bell

Avoid touching the bell with your bare hands or directly touching the ground while you bow down. Even after all the precautions, there could be something left that may contribute to contamination. Eliminate the chance.

5. Stand 2 meters apart

Whether you go alone or with family, practice social distancing. Stand 2 meters apart from each other in public places.

6. Avoid touching the statues

While you pray, don’t touch the ‘God.’ Maintain a distance from the idol and do not make direct contact with any surface.

7. Don’t share the ‘prasad’

Avoid sharing the Prasad. But if it is something that you ought to do, make sure not to do it with bare hands and not to share ‘open’ Prasad. Rather come prepared for such things. Prepare the prasad in packets a day prior, properly sanitize the packets, get it blessed at the temple and then distribute it.

In public places, it becomes our responsibility to make sure at least one person doesn’t suffer because of us. Especially in such difficult times, it becomes our duty to keep each other safe by following the rules, abiding by them and keeping hygienic.

Lastly, try and eliminate your chances of stepping out of the house. Your connection with God is very private and intimate. You can connect with God from the boundaries of your own house with sincere prayers. The pandemic COVID-19 and Lockdown has taken a toll on our mental health.

Everyone is feeling this unrest, anxiety and even depression. Prayers are a strong medium to take our minds off such overpowering situations and rejuvenate the mental health.To elevate your mental health, try using aromas like Lavender, Jasmine or Rose. These fragrances can help a lot in relieving mental stress. Accompanied with fragrances, the results are even better and long-lasting. Zed Black offers a variety of fragrances that can help you soothe your nerves, calms your mind and purifies the air. Just create a pure, positive atmos by burning a Zed Black incense stick or Air-purifying Dhoop and let its fragrance help you feel that divine peace that you seek with your prayers. Stay safe.

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