101 Winners Grab Super Prizes In The Zed Black Rangoli Contest

February 25, 2019
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February 25, 2019
101 Winners Grab Super Prizes In The Zed Black Rangoli Contest

What is more auspicious than drawing a beautiful rangoli in front of your home on any religious occasion?

Rangoli – an inseparable part of Indian festivities; is a colourful and traditional art form that makes its way, gracing the entrances to Indian homes, with poise and enthusiasm. This vibrant display of rangoli is considered to be the harbinger of good luck and years of happiness. It is both an auspicious and a preliminary necessity in any religious ritual. It is considered auspicious to draw rangoli in Hinduism during special occasions and religious ceremonies. Rangolis are believed to have spiritual perspective and benefits.

It is said that with the change of colour, design and form, the vibration of a rangoli changes. The devotees are said to have experienced several feelings ranging from spiritual energy to divine energy, divine consciousness and serenity. Earlier in ancient times, women used to chant hymns and sacred bhajans while creating rangolis. Especially, if it is rangoli for Diwali or such auspicious occasions, it had to have that spiritual angle to create energy centres, which can have positive impact on people. The pools of energy created by specific patterns of rangoli stimulate and channelize positive energy in people.

Rangoli is known to be the first step to conducting any auspicious activity as its beauty and intricate details hold many prayers and sheer reverence. People find in themselves the passion to draw and design – by hand – images of Gods and Goddesses, lotus flowers, peacocks, abstract designs, auspicious symbols, and much more. Drawn before any auspicious practice, or to mark the beginning of a festival, the grandiose creations work as a symbol of prosperity, beauty, positivity, and good luck.

This Diwali, Zed Black; taking this divine thought in its mind, came up with a contest where the participants were required to incorporate the Zed Black logo in their rangoli designs. The contest was held from 05-19 November 2018.

There were a lot many excited participants from all over the country who enthusiastically took part in the contest and showcased their wonderful and awe-striking rangoli designs with Zed Black logo and punchline included. Below are some of the photos of the rangoli designs that we received.

Zed Black Rangoli Contest

The winners were to be chosen on the basis of the best rangoli design – in terms of design, pattern, composition, artist’s impression and presentation. It took a long time and many many efforts to choose the best from all the entries received as each one was equally good as the other one. It was a long tedious process, but finally our team managed to chalk out the winners’ names.

In this awesome Diwali Contest, the first prize was a 42 inch LED Smart TV, while the other 100 winners were awarded with a 10, 000 mAh power bank each.

101 Winners Grab Super Prizes

Zed Black congratulates all the winners and requests them to keep participating in our future contests and keep encouraging us to do better.

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