Our prayers seems incomplete without burning a Dhoop. It’s a ritual that has been around for ages as dhoop when burned cleanses energy and create a powerful,healing positive aura, ideal for worships. Manthan is a leading manufacturer of Dhoopbatti offering a wide range ofunique, relaxing aromas made with the finest of herbs and other natural ingredients.

Sambrani Cup

Crafted with pure  natural and herbal ingredients, Sambrani Dhoop is the most powerful source of aromatic positive energy. It can create an atmos that of a Hawan in the house. Manthan is a pre-eminent manufacturer and supplier of sambrani cups made with finest eco-friendly material, offering a varied range of divine fragrances perfect for worships.

Manthan Dhoop Stick

Manthan Dhoop Sticks are a gentle blend of essential oils and natural ingredients, that creates a positive and healing environment around you when lit. Dhoop sticks are dry, charcoal-free, and bamboo-less rolled into smooth long cylindrical shapes.  These aromatic Dhoop sticks are available in 7 soothing fragrances of Mogra, Chandan, Guggal, Loban, Signature, Kasturi and Gulab. The MRP is Rs. 15 for 10 sticks.

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