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zed black agarbatti premium incense sticks

Agarbatti (Incense Sticks)

Zed Black is a leading Manufacturer of Incense Sticks processing more than 3 Crores (30 Million) sticks every day. The therapeutic fragrances from fresh floral to fun fruity are perfect for praying. These fragrances are specially handpicked to deliver a purified and calm atmosphere ideal for worships.

manthan dhoopbatti and lobhan


Dhoopbatti has been an integral and important part of our prayers for centuries. The strong and pleasant fragrance of dhoopbatti induces the spiritual mood, calming the racing mind and creating a healing and positive environment for praying. Zed Black is leading manufacturer of Dhoopbatti offering a varied range of distinct, soothing fragrances made of finest herbal and natural ingredients.

zed black bamboless dhoop cones

Dhoop Cones and Sticks (Bamboless)

Zed Black’s range of Bamboo-less Dhoop Cones and Dhoop Sticks come in soothing fragrances like Mogra, Rose, Lavender and Sandalwood, and are made from excellent quality of materials. Dhoop Cones and Sticks, when burn to ashes, it cleanses aura and eradicate the negativity of the place, promoting positivity all while releasing amazing pungent aromas.

hawan samagri

Hawan Samagri

Hawan have been known to cleanse and heal the environment since ancient times. Our sages indulged in practising hawans to stimulate, positivity, cleansing aura, and health. Hawan Samagri consists of samidha, homadravya, sugandhitsamagri, and many other items promoting physical, mental and spiritual health. Zed Black is a leading provider of Hawan Samagri, consisting of all the essential samagri in the best quality ingredients in a single packet to cut out your chase.

gauved sambrani cups and sticks

Sambrani Cups & Sticks

Sambrani Dhoop is the most powerful source of aromatic positive energy. 100% Natural and Herbal, a single sambrani cup is capable of creating the atmosphere that of a temple in the house. Zed Black is a pre-eminent manufacturer and supplier of sambrani cups made with finest eco-friendly material, offering a vast range of divine fragrance to create just the heavenly aura for healing and worships.



Our Brand Ambassador is youth icon, ace cricketer MS Dhoni otherwise known as Captain Cool; extremely well known for his famous helicopter shot, coolheaded captaincy, the poise and calm. Under his leadership India has become World champions. His persona is such that it radiates calmness. A tranquil state of mind helps in focused efforts and calculated better results. This is exactly Zed Black aims for, to create an atmosphere of purity that helps maintain a balance, help mind to focus and is just perfect for praying, because at Zed Black, we believe that prayers are always heard.

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Zedblack make more than
3.5 crore (35 million)
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