orva care gel sanitizer
gel based hand sanitizer

Gel Based Hand Sanitizer

Having clean hands at all times is the need of the hour as we bravely persist each day the times of a pandemic. Orva Care from MDPH brings you a wide range of portable hand sanitizers backed up with the anti- bacterial properties of neem and gentleness of Aloe-vera that helps you ensure complete hygiene ‘round the clock.  Available in 60 ml, 100 ml and 500 ml Push Pump.

rub based hand sanitizer

Rub Based Hand Sanitizer

Get yourself a stronger protection with Orva care 70 Pro Rub Based Hand Sanitizer. As per the guidelines of WHO, Orva care 70 Pro Hand Sanitizer contains 70% alcohol content that effectively eradicates any germs from the surface of your hands or any other surfaces. The product is available in 5 different sizes - 60ml, 100ml, 120ml (mist pump), 210ml (mist pump) and 5 Ltr Can.

orva care fruit series hand sanitizer

Fruit Series Hand Sanitizer

Make your ‘round the clock protection a tad more interesting with the fruity smelling hand sanitizers. Experience the freshness every time you sanitize your hands. Orva Care fruit series hand sanitizer is gentle on hands and keeps the moisture locked in so that your hands stay soft. Available in 60 ml size in 2 fragrances - Orange & Lychee

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