din din candies with prodigious flavors
din din original candy

Din Din Original

Din Din is the confectionary brand of MDPH, available in the 6 fun flavours - Lemon, Kachha Aam, Orange, Pan, Guava and Imli flavoured Din- Din candies are the candies with a twist in its center, it is fruity and fun on the outside and tangy and mischievous on the inside. The fun taste of the candy is sure to make you nostalgic.

din din plus candy

Din Din Plus

Din Din plus is a Premium variant of Din Din candies, available in 4 mouth-watering & exotic flavours of Caramel, Nariyalpani, Rose Milk and Coffee. The sweet taste of Din-Din is sure to make your din as it embraces your taste buds while you savour on it.

din din star candy

Din Din Star

Din Din Star is your all time ‘to-go-with’ candy. Enriched with the fruity flavours such as Orange, Imli, Kachha Aam, Mango, Lychee & Pan, Din-Din Star will surely make you reminiscence of your childhood!

din din magic candy

Din Din Magic

Din Din Magic is a candy range in 50p Segment available in Paan, Orange, Guava & Imli Flavours. Din Din Magic creates a magical taste in an affordable way.

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