Tumbler Candles

Moulded in the beautiful shape of a tumbler, and packed into one; these candles are perfect to amp-up your spirits and turn down the noisy worries. Available in the colourful range of fruity, delight, flavoury and aromatic fragrances in regular and small-sized tumblers, in the variants of singles and combos. 

Wax Melts

Wax melts are the wax cubes without wick. With the help of a diffuser, wax melts melt inducing the space in a soothing aroma. Ampliscent wax melts are perfect to suit your every mood and help you detox and rejuvenate in your "Me time." Available in 16 unique fragrances, bundled in combos and single units.

Premium Tin

Premium double wicked tin candles are the perfect companion for relaxing. Ampliscent's tin candles are designed to evenly melt the wax while soothing the aura. The elongated burning hours makes them perfect for calming activities. Premium Tin Candles are available in 8 luxe scents in 2 variants- Gift packs and singles.

Tea Lights

Tealights candles are mini candles capable of effortlessly transforming any place into a tranquil space. Available in 9 soothing aromas of Aromatherapy, Chocolate Red Apple, Citrus Orange, English Lavender, Exotic Jasmine, Fruity Splash, Lemongrass, Rose Bouquet and Sandalwood Vanilla in varients of combos and singles.


Votive candles are fragrant, versatile candles that goes very well with every space. Moulded in a glass shaped glassware, these colourful candles instantly light up the air. Available in 2 variants, first being a combo pack of 3 candles in the variants of fruity, flowery and aesthetic fragrances. Second is a pack of 12 candles in a single fragrance.

Exotic Candles

Exotic Candles are crafted carefully and molded in the beautiful esthetic jars, making it a perfect to suit any aesthetic ambience and gifting. These beautiful candles will help re-live the best of moments while intoxicating the atmos in serene aromas. These exotic candles are available in 5 lavish fragrances and a variety of posh jars.

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